Yamaha Aerox 155 Review

Yamaha Aerox 155 Review

With scooters, the market has evolved from favouring smaller 100cc and 110cc scooters to acceptive and embracing larger 125cc scooters.

The Aerox is breaking new ground within the scooter section, not simply with a liquid-cooled engine, but additionally with its style. Its step-through format means it straightaway stands out from the ocean of flat floorboards in Bharat, and whereas it’s a novel form-factor, it’s additionally absolute to prove preventative for several consumers trying to find a lot of sensible machines. however, even those not within the marketplace for it’ll notice it exhausting to deny that the Aerox could be a super cool trying issue.

With nicely sculptured bodywork and mean-looking LED headlights, the Aerox features an appropriately wicked facia to travel with its colourful intent. 14-inch wheels at each end wrapped in terribly chunky tyres, a meaty system and twin shock absorbers at the rear all boost the substance, and therefore the Aerox has quite a ton of presence on our roads, that belies its slender 126kg curbing weight.

With nicely sculpted like the switchgear and therefore the bodywork look and feel quite nice, particularly the double-layered bodywork on either facet of the lower apron. however alternative areas, just like the flimsy fuel filler flap, the seat footpegs that don’t sit flush against the bodywork, and therefore the uneven floor mats, don’t quite feel upto the mark. There also are some inconsistent panel gaps and shut lines across the scooter, and Yamaha would move to square away these blemishes, considering Aerox’s position within the market.

Despite all its bulk, though, it’s not the foremost spacious scooter around. Of course, there’s no area for bags on the floorboard, however, even the area for your feet is short provide. the planning of the front apron means it’ll perpetually foul the knees of taller riders, and you can’t slide back too so much on the seat attributable to the outstanding step it. during this scenario, you’ll even injure your knees if you hit a bump exhausting.

One space wherever there’s an abundance of area, though, is underneath the seat. With the fuel tank settled thereto outstanding spine section, you get a generous twenty-four. 5 litres of the area underneath the saddle. however at simply five.5 litres, the fuel tank is definitely on the smaller facet for a scooter with this variety of credentials.


Yamaha Aerox 155

The Aerox sits in a quite premium market position, and whereas it isn’t as loaded to the gills as one thing sort of a premium electrical scooter, it still packs in its justifiable share of options. The tail lamp joins the headlights in being an LED unit, and you furthermore may get fully-digital instrumentation. We’re glad to report that LED headlights on mass-market two-wheelers have gotten higher and higher, therefore Aerox’s unit also performs quite well, with sensible brightness and unfold. The digital cluster additionally shows a decent deal of data, with the same old trip and fuel consumption connected knowledge yet as a VVA indicator and a measuring device.

Bluetooth property is a component of the kit, however, like most alternative Yamaha systems in Bharat, practicality is sort of restricted. You don’t get on-screen navigation directions or controls for music playback, however, you are doing get the decision and SMS alerts, and might additionally check your last lay location yet as using your portable as an auxiliary dashboard for the scooter, among alternative things.

Thanks to the situation of the fuel tank, the filler is, of course, external, and you needn’t get off the vehicle throughout fuel stops. gap the flap is additionally quite seamless, because of a slick multi-function key slot. to assist scale back the frequency between those openings, Yamaha has additionally thrown in a wonderful stop-start system. misreckoning out the package could be a little cubbyhole on the rear of the apron that options a DC charging port, mono ABS and a side-stand cut-off feature.


It’s value noting that the India-spec Aerox misses out on keyless operation, that the international version gets. several international markets additionally receive preload-adjustable gas-charged shock absorbers as customary furniture, whereas the Indian Aerox needs to deal with non-adjustable shocks, with the gas-charged units offered as an ex gratia additional


Yamaha Aerox 155

Right, the guts of the matter. A heart that’s been transplanted, as a result of the liquid-cooled, 4-valve 155cc motor within the Aerox is sort of heavily derived from the R15’s engine, and even gets VVA technology rather like its sports bike relative. it should have lost a couple of ponies compared to the R15, however, this can be still one of the fastest fast scooters in the country. The Aerox doesn’t quite have that instant kick within the backside that you simply get from an electron volt, however, once it gets going, it’s properly speedy and extremely linear, and doesn’t lose momentum till the speedo is showing triple digits. There’s very little else within the scooter section which will carry on.

But the performance and refinement square measure each thing that you simply expect from this motor. What you would possibly not expect, is the wonderful fuel potency that it can give once you’re careful. Sure, once you’re riding exhausting, the potency drops well below the 40kpl mark. however once you dial it down a notch, things improve significantly. The sheer grunt of it means you don’t ought to use terribly massive throttle openings to induce around, and once ridden with a careful manus, the Aerox will even deliver as high as 50kpl within the town. Out on the main road, at a gentle sixty-five to 70kph cruise, you must get even more!

Part of the Aerox’s stellar fuel potency within the town is right down to its wonderful stop-start system. Barely has the front fork finished rebounding from coming back to a stop, and therefore the engine has already been killed. And even once you’re caught unready once the signal turns inexperienced, the Aerox has your back, delivering the motor to life in a rapid once you twist the throttle, because of an integrated starter generator unit..

If there’s one disadvantage with this engine, it’s the sound. The exhaust note is sort of standard, and a sportier sound recording to travel with the remainder of its colourful nature would’ve gone a protracted manner in elevating the expertise.


Yamaha Aerox 155

Handling is yet one more space wherever the Aerox could be a huge departure from most of the scooters we have a tendency to get in Bharat. as compared to the featherlight, quick-turning scooters that we’re wont to riding, the Aerox feels clearly a lot of heavy-steering, and needs some effort to tip into bends. The side of this, though, is imperturbable stability and calm. no matter speed or lean angle you’re at, this scooter feels sure-footed and unshakable, feeding your confidence munificently. It holds a line excellently, and therefore the stability and heavy-steering square measure each function of the big 14-inch wheels and wide tyres. In fact, the Aerox feels nearly motorcycle-like through the corners.

All this handling performance comes at the price of ride quality, though. in contrast to most gas scooters in Bharat that use a monoshock, the Aerox gets twin shock absorbers at the rear, and they are established on the firmer facet. The front fork feels nice enough, however, the shocks have a precise firm edge to them, that the ride is unquestionably not what you’d decide plush or snug. however, at constant times, it’s not harsh or jarring either. At high speeds or on sleek pavement, there’s very little to complain regarding, however, going over bumps at town speeds isn’t the foremost pleasant affair. If you are doing need very little a lot of comforts, Yamaha will supply accent gas-charged shock absorbers from KYB with preload adjustability.

But one space wherever there are not any accessories to mend the shortcomings is braking. The 230mm front hydraulic brakes offer near adequate stopping performance, however, may do with a lot of feel and modulation at the lever. the important drawback, though, is at the rear, wherever the 130mm drum brakes feel absolutely feeble. Rear hydraulic brakes would go a protracted manner on this scooter, and are some things that we have a tendency to feel ought to be offered, a minimum of as a possibility.

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