Introducing Yamaha MT-03
Stimulate Your Pride: The Evolution to a True MT Sibling

Inspired by Yamaha’s larger Hyper Nakeds, the aggressive look is more MT than ever. Its predatory twin-eye face projects the moodiest stare, and upside-down forks and a wide-shouldered fuel tank underline the dynamic MT family look to make this the ultimate 300!

Developed with the Torquey & Agile series concept, MT-03 adheres to the MT ethos of powerful torque in the low- to mid-rpm range.
What really makes this lightweight Hyper Naked so attractive and desirable is the fact that it's built with pure MT DNA which means that every ride is a thrilling and an addictive experience. You'll want to get out and ride whenever you can. Because this bike just loves to be ridden.