FZ 25


FUEL: Petrol

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Yamaha FZS 25

A new adventure. Every day!

For over a decade, the FZ series has rightfully retained the title of the Lord Of The Streets. Inspiring riders from across the country, Twelve years later, the iconic Yamaha FZ is geared up to push the limits even further as the all new FZS 25 with a BS VI Compliant Engine. Fitted with a Bi-Functional LED Headlight with LED Day Time Running Lamp to take you through the urban jungle and beyond. Because it believes that adventures don’t have to be big to be unforgettable. What matters is you experience them, every day.

Enticing outside. Exciting inside.

A street fighter with an acing 249cc single cylinder, fuel injected engine fine-tuned & optimized for the Indian conditions. Equipped with an advanced 4-row core oil cooler to keep the engine from heating up even in a maddening summer traffic. Supported by a 7-step adjustable monocross suspension for that extra riding comfort and dual channel ABS for superior control. All this packed in a compact streetfighter body that is not just designed to impress but express.

BS VI compliant 249cc Air Cooled, SOHC, 4 Stroke Single-cylinder Engine + Trusted Fuel Injection Technology

Even the freedom to be adventurous comes with a sense of responsibility. Based on a reliable 249cc single-cylinder engine proven on a variety of sport bikes, the FZ 25 has been fine-tuned and optimized for the Indian traffic conditions while keeping the BS-VI emission norms under check. Truly, the Lord Of Adventure, isn’t it?

Class D Bi Functional LED H/L + LED Daytime Running Lamp

Endless dark highways or a midnight street, flare up your path ahead and enjoy crystal clear vision. This advanced Bi-Function Class D type headlamp has a single unit for both high and low beam. The result is a cool, compact and a light weight design. Talk about the Daytime Running Lamps and you have got an edgy boomerang design with brightness enough to stand out on foggy days and that also doubles up as a position light for enhanced night vision. Now that’s born to be adventurous.

Multi-function Negative LCD Instrument Cluster

Readable even at the darkest hour and loaded with information like Trip Meter, Check Engine Indicator and Realtime Mileage, so you are always prepared to take even the longest route.

Side Stand with Engine Cut-off Switch

Of course riding gear comes first but a little more safety never harms. So this one comes with a switch that ensures the bike won’t move if the stand is not retracted. Be adventurous but be safe.

Light Weight Body

Easier to control while enhancing economy at the same time. Makes the power-to-weight ratio just enough to keep you zipping. (154kg for FZS 25 & 153kg for FZ 25)

7-Step Adjustable Monocross Suspension

Now conquer your terrain, effortlessly. The monocross suspension at the rear contributes to mass centralization for the best balance. So you get excellent riding comfort and an unparalleled handling stability. When the going gets rough, the adventurous get going.

Dual Channel ABS + Disc Brake Front 282mm / Rear 220mm

Enjoy great performance now with superior control. Bigger calipers, bigger bike and that too precise braking even when the bike is speeding up, without any wheel lock-ups. This ensures a confident inspiring ride and let the rider enjoy the ride to the fullest.

Brush Guard*

When your grip is firm and hands always protected, you are sure going to charge into any terrain with a lot more confidence. Adding to the looks of your machine is always a plus.

*These features are available in FZS 25

Long Visor*

A stylish crown to the front face, it helps minimize wind blast and protects you from oncoming foreign bodies like gravel, dust, insects etc. when you are tearing down the highway.
*These features are available in FZS 25

Golden Wheel*

Adds a touch of drama to your street presence. This new combination color with added graphics surely wears its adventurous spirit inside out. Available only in FZS 25
Patina Green & Dark Matte Blue.

*These features are available in FZS 25

Aggressive Colour Scheme

New international colours with super edgy graphics, contrasting alloys & rim strips. So every ride is a colourful adventure.

Under cowling

Well, if you are adventurous, mud and dirt splatter is going to be part and parcel of the game. The under-cowl keeps you prepared for just that. Added masculinity, nothing like it.

Advanced Midship Muffler Cover

While the sweet grunt of the muffler adds to the huskiness, the muffler cover gives an impression of sharpness, making it look compact while protecting the pillion’s feet from the heat. It’s adventurous and it makes it loud and clear.

FZ 25 140mm Wider Rear Tyre

While you keep your head high, these super wide tubeless tyres know how to keep the feet on ground. So you ride at the top your confidence. But taking the long route home also means taking a little more caution. This tubeless tyre does just that for you. The rate of deflation is slow and uniform, giving you enough time to reach the nearest tyre repair center, just in case.