Yamaha MT-15 Version 2.0

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MT15 Black

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Introducing  Yamaha MT-15 Version 2.0 Unleash Your Dark

Carrying the legacy of MT series, the new MT-15 Ver 2.0 brings more aggression and agility with its upside down front forks, Aluminium swing arm, 155cc Liquid cooled engine and other exciting features. Stay connected with your Dark warrior through Y-Connect even on the move.

Swing a leg over the saddle and explore the Dark Side Of Japan.

Upside Down Front Forks Mt15 V 2.0

Upside Down Front Forks

The structure of the upside down front forks allows wheel gets ample room for free movement, which makes it easier for the bike to navigate and change directions at higher speeds, making it more agile, true to the character of MT-15.

Aluminium Swingarm MT 15 V2.0

Aluminium Swingarm

Equipped with Aluminium Swingarm, MT-15 Ver 2.0 zooms through any terrain with utmost ease. It provides sportier and stable handling due to excellent rigidity balance.

155cc LC 4V FI Engine MT 15 V2.0

Yamaha MT-15 Version 2.0 155cc LC 4V FI Engine

Powering the MT-15 ver 2.0 is the trusted and amazing 155cc Liquid cooled 4-valve engine that gives you ample amount of power on tap.

Assist & Slipper Clutch

A perfect solution for performance-oriented motorbikes, MT-15 Ver 2.0 sports an Assist & Slipper clutch(ASC) that controls the rear wheel of the bike under aggressive downshifting scenarios. Thus, reducing its effects on chassis behavior. The ASC makes for smooth, enjoyable downshifts.

Variable Valve Action

Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system provides top-end power without sacrificing torquey character in the low-to mid-rpm range. There are two intake valve cams: one for low- to mid-range rpm and another for high rpm. They switch between each other at the 7,400rpm mark to ensure good power and torque is present throughout the rev range.

ABS with 282 mm (Front) / 220 mm (Rear) Disk Brake

Front Disc with Bosch Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps in achieving greater control over the bike during braking by restricting the wheel lock ups thereby maintaining tractive contact with the road surface to avoid skidding in slippery conditions. Rear Disc brake augments the quality to the MT Legacy.

140mm Super Wide Radial Rear Tyre

MT-15 Ver 2.0 tackles high speeds with ease. The 140mm radial rear tyre has been adapted at the rear with flexible sidewalls for better grip while cornering and superior shock-absorbing capacity to ensure a more comfortable ride.

In-Built Side Stand with Engine cut-off Switch

With the In-built side stand engine cut-off switch, you can be rest assured that you do not forget to remove side stand during those immediate rides.

Uni-Level Seat With Grab Bar

MT-15’s perfect seat width offers better riding position and easy leg reach. The easy-to-hold grab-bar offers better grip to the pillion rider.

Raised LED Tail Light

The MT-15 Ver 2.0 leaves its own trail with the raised LED Tail Light that demands attention with its super sleek and edgy design.

Bi Functional LED Headlights MT 15 V2.0

Bi Functional LED Headlights

Take on the darkest streets with confidence and enjoy enhanced night vision with Bi Functional LED headlight.

Hi and low beam has been integrated into one single compact unit which makes it technically advanced and a first in its category. MT-15’s uniqueness comprises of the stylish, compact headlight to realize the MT design.

Multi-function Negative LCD Instrument Cluster MT 15 V2.0

Multi-function Negative LCD Instrument Cluster

While others on the road admire the looks and styling of your MT-15, you can admire the looks and take advantage of all the information that it has to offer to help you ride better.

Deltabox Frame MT 15 V2.0

Deltabox Frame

MT-15 Ver 2.0 adopts a Deltabox frame with superb rigidity balance. With a Deltabox frame, the top and bottom of the head pipe and the pivot points form a triangle, hence the “Deltabox” gives it excellent rigidity balance.



CYAN STORM Color MT15 V2.0