YZF R15 Ver 2.0

₹ 118,838.00

Racing Instinct Passing on the “R series” DNA

The YZF-R15 version 2.0 is a new model that has been developed under the concept of a “Graded Up R15”. While maintaining the proven ease of handling of the existing R15, the R15 version 2.0 boasts of spruced up looks and better performance in circuit riding. The design elements are borrowed from the supersport model YZF-R1 that is adapted from YZR-M1 MotoGP race machine.

Harmony Between Rider and Machine

YAMAHA’s Humachine Technology involves studying the form of the motorcycle actually in motion with the rider on it. The R-series is the embodiment of a wide frontal space that protects the rider and an easy to ride seating area that gives riders the freedom of movement and allows them to steer effectively. The glamorous tail treatment takes into account the management of airflow behind the rider and a sensual racing form has been splendidly reproduced in the YZF-R15 version 2.0.

Liquid Cooled Engine

150cc liquid cooled, 4 stroke SOHC
Liquid Cooled Engine provides stable performance, reduces vibrations, and offers a high quality ride.
YZF-R15 uses a special compact and lightweight aluminium radiator and a body design that utilizes airflow for heat dissipation. The result is a lightweight, compact body which retains its stable performance.

Concealed 3-into-1 Exhaust

Equipped with connecting pipes for a good pulse effect, the concealed 3-into-1 exhaust system contributes towards mass-centralization for agile handling. Featuring a corrosion-proof Nanofilm coating, the three stainless steel downpipes run into a short and compact EU3-compliant muffler, which emits a throaty note and makes sure that your presence is felt every time you ride.

Deltabox Frame

The frame, which forms the basis for riding comfort and handling performance is a Deltabox frame, which delivers superior rigidity balance. This frame was designed to provide the best balance in longitudinal, lateral, and torsional rigidity. The synergy created by optimizing each dimension delivers a comfortable and agile riding performance on both city roads as well as the circuit.

LED Tail Light

LED Tail Light add candescence to the styling. Long-life LED lamps lend the bike a super sporty look. The bright Led tail light not only helps people to spot you even in pitch dark night but also makes them aware that you are ahead of competition.

New Tail Cowl

The exterior parts from the side to the tail cowl have been designed to create a dynamic leaping appearance toward the rear that gives a sense of cadence to the bodylines. A dynamic line of carbon coloring is added along the fuel tank and lower edge of the seat that accentuates the mechanical look.

Designer Rear Mud Guard

The rear mud guard and sari guard are designed to coordinate visually with the rear fender and they are attached to the swingarm. The sari guard is designed to blend into the overall styling of the rear assembly with its dynamic rearward thrust. This leads to the seamless unification of sportiness and utility.

Linked Type Monocross Suspension

The linked type monocross suspension delivers a comfortable ride and a cushioning performance that is less prone to bottoming out. In particular, it reduces annoying “sinking” when riding tandem.

Wider Radial Rear Tyre

With a width of 130 mm, the rear tyre adds to the sense of machine volume and provides stability. The wide tyre also helps in better cornering as it provide that extra grip you need on tight corners.

Aluminium Swingarm

It is the first Indian made model with aluminium long rear arm which improves handling in the turns and cornering. This rear arm is cast in one piece by the gravity casting technique that enables a quality cast with great freedom in sectional thickness.The chain adjustment assembly at the end of the rear arm is the same type used on Super sports models, it improves adjustment capability.

Large 250mm Diameter Rear Disc

A large 250mm diameter rear disc brake is coupled with the piston-slide type single-pot caliper. This provides a better balance with the new rear tyre size and ensures good braking power and operability.

New Design 5-Spoke Type wheels

Newly designed cast wheels are adopted at front and rear. The design creates a 5-spoke image by grouping the ten thinner spokes two-by-two to form five pairs. This design achieves the necessary strength and balance while creating a sense of lightness at the same time.

Split Seat

A separate-section seat enables a better seat grip while sport riding. This new seat design features a slip-resistant seat cover material, excellent cushion qualities, optimized shape for the inner thigh contact area. The rear seat also has a cushioned front edge that supports the rider’s rear.

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Engine typeLiquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
Cylinder arrangementSingle cylinder
Bore & Stroke57 X 58.7mm
Compression ratio10.4:1
Maximum power17PS/ 8,500rpm
Maximum torqueMaximum torque
Starting systemElectric start
Lubricationwet sump
Fuel tank capacity12 liters
Fuel supply systemFuel Injection
Ignition systemT.C.I
Primary / Secondary reduction ratio3.042 / 3.133
Clutch typeWet Multiple-disc
Transmission typeReturn type 6-speed
Gear ratios1st=2.833, 2nd=1.875, 3rd=1.364,
4th=1.143, 5th=0.957, 6th=0.84
Frame typeDelta box
Caster / Trail26° / 98mm
Tire size (Front / Rear)90/80-17 / 130/70-R17
Brake type (Front / Rear)Hydraulic, single disc (Front / Rear)
Suspension type (Front / Rear)Telescopic / Linked type Monocross
HeadlightLo beam12V/35W X1, Hi beam12V/35W X2
Battery12V, 3.5Ah (10H)
Overall Length x Width x Height1,970mm x 670mm x 1,070mm
Seat height800 mm
Minimum ground clearance160 mm
Kerb weight136 kg

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